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Achieving strategic growth profitably

Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.
Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.
Sun Tzu

We are a boutique consulting firm specializing in strategic market-focused organic growth.

We tackle the revenue puzzle by:

1) bringing an outside perspective

2) complementary decision making

3) maximizing competitive advantage.

A clear strategy for your organization means that your successes will be more profitable, repeatable, and sustainable for the long-term.  You will know the answers to critical questions such as:

“What business do we want to be in?”

“Who do we want to be?”

“What are we great at?”

“What is our unique value in the market?”

“What is our go-to-market value proposition?”

“How do we differentiate ourselves to beat the competition?”

Our winning strategies address the three most common challenges: the market, poor execution and a culture resistant to change.

Our success lies in our focus of providing a holistic end-to-end solution of strategy definition, execution, and ongoing monitoring of all relevant forces to maintain a winning strategy.

We combine an understanding of your business, market intelligence, strategic design, execution road-maps and management, as well as cultural initiatives, to ensure delivery of a sustainable strategy. A strategy designed for improved performance resulting in long-term growth and competitive advantage.

Us and what we do
Our value
  • Our focus is outward to understand the market dynamics which impact strategy.

  • Our solutions are end-2-end: strategy, execution, long-term monitoring.

  • Our solutions are unbiased, customized recommendations for your unique business.

  • Our unique mix of experience, capabilities and multi-cultural global background means we look at things from multiple perspectives, resulting in innovative and creative solutions.

  • Our solutions are based on both experience and solid market research.

  • Our solutions holistically address all elements of the organization for a united, cohesive result.

  • Our solutions are definable, deliverable, sustainable, and measureable.

  • We have lived it in industry, we understand the challenges!

When we can help
  • Revenue has plateaued and changes are required to get to the next level.

  • Looking to diversify or expand into new markets, including internationally.

  • Finding it difficult to differentiate in an increasingly competitive space.

  • More than 25% of revenue comes from one client.

  • Revenue has been dropping.

  • Operating expenses are actively being cut to drive profits.

  • A re-branding exercise is required.

  • The owners are considering selling the organization.

  • There is a perception of an untapped market, but few ideas on how to identify and penetrate it.

  • An organization is unaware of or unfamiliar with its competition.

  • The business owner is confident in knowing what the company is good at, but acknowledges the need for help to improve business performance.

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