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Our expertise

Our Expertise

Our expertise lies in in ensuring that we understand all the market forces relevant to your business, as well as the intricacies of your own business.  This means that the strategy designed for you will ensure your offerings are differentiated and competitive. To ensure successful implementation we work closely with your team to establish the road-map and project plan.  We then manage the implementation of the execution plan for you.

Once the plan is successfully executed we maintain an ongoing advisory role to ensure that the strategy keeps up with both internal and external forces, and maintains a sustainable competitive advantage for the long-term.

When considered together, these three areas of market analysis, strategy framing and execution planning and implementation lead to improved performance of an organization, and growth strategies which have long-term sustainability, repeatability and competitive advantage.

My top
  • The Market intelligence knowledge is used to define the strategy, which give the organization clear direction and identify its positioning in the marketplace.

  • The Strategy Framing process allows us to use the market intelligence to define a strategy unique to the organization which is required for sustainability, repeatability, scalability and operational excellence resulting in revenue and profitability growth.

  • Execution road-maps and project plans establish the structure and means for the strategy to be implemented.

  • Together these three stages result in sustained performance growth, and improved competitive positioning.


We assess the market from four key aspects:

  • The organization

  • The customer

  • The competition

  • Current relevant industry trends


This market intelligence and knowledge is the core for creating a unique customized strategy. 

Activities include:

  • Market assessment

  • New market entry

  • Diversification

  • Brand awareness

  • Value proposition proposal

  • Product messaging and differentiation

  • Identifying core capabilities and competencies

  • Global expansion

  • Scalability assessment

  • Diagnostic workshops

  • Competitive strategy canvas

  • Voice of the Customer initiatives

  • Key competitor analysis

  • Resource analysis requirements


The market analysis is the foundation for setting the new strategy, which is developed as the result of a strategy framing workshop.


Typically the resulting strategy will focus on three key areas: the go-to-market strategy, operational excellence and scalability, and the readiness for change of the team.

The best laid strategy will fail if the team is resistant to change, does not understand it’s value, how to achieve it, or how success will be measured, which is why cultural aspects of the organization are a key consideration in of the strategy definition.

Activities include defining:

  • What market are you in

  • What you can do (not how, nor what is currently done)

  • Key goals and objectives

  • KPI's for measurement and success evaluation

  • Gaps in required resources

  • A strategic initiative portfolio

  • The competitive strategy canvas

  • Analysis of the current product portfolio


We work closely with your team throughout the process of establishing the execution road-map and project planning. We then work with your team to ensure knowledge transfer, engagement, and commitment through the entire execution and implementation life-cycle. 

Activities include:

  • Execution road-maps

  • Project planning and management

  • Process improvement and optimization

  • Management accounting review, implementation and improvements

  • Business process outsourcing

  • Shared service centers

  • Nearshore advisory

  • Employee retention programs

  • Change management

  • Sales processes and procedures

  • CRM evaluation and selection

  • Performance metrics

  • Lead generation

  • Marketing tactics (including social media, campaigns, partnerships, collateral, events)

  • Resource optimisation


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