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Our Philosophy

Market focus

Our strategies are growth focused versus cost based.  They are designed to be outward looking, long-term and sustainable; whereas cost based initiatives are inward looking and more finite. Many people forget we sell outside the organization and forget to understand the customer and the competition.

Growth focus

We focus on what drives profit to grow, and not profit itself: customer satisfaction, employee engagement, value creation, operational efficiency, effective and efficient processes, innovation, and competitive awareness. 

We believe focusing on profit alone to grow, is akin to saying you are going to climb Mount Everest without spending all the months required to train and equip yourselves mentally, physically, technically, financially, with the appropriate team, knowledge of the weather, or a real purpose for the climb: it would be a recipe for failure.


George Merck (Merck Chemicals) expressed this approach when he said "We try never to forget that medicine is for the people. It is not for the profits. The profits follow, and if we have remembered that, they have never failed to appear.”

Holistic focus

A sustainable long-term growth strategy is dependent on a number of factors.  A good marketing strategy alone will fail if your operations are not scalable, efficient or effective. Poor delivery will result in low customer satisfaction, churn and lower long-term sales. Similarly, there is little advantage to bringing in revenue for revenues sake, it must be profitable.  A team who doesn’t understand the value of the strategy, or how to measure success will be more resistant to getting involved in the execution. Our strategies include all areas that impact growth: the people, business development, operations, and finance, to ensure that the entire business is cohesively functioning and moving in the same direction. 

Fundamentals focus

Each organization has four primary pillars:

People: In the beginning one or more people came up with an idea that they could commercialize.

Customer: The people that bought the product as they saw it had value for them.

Product: The widget or service that was created and had value.

Competition: Who else is selling competitive products into similar markets. 

Our focus is such that we never lose sight of these four primary pillars of the organization. 

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